Be My Bear Party

Be My Bear Party

This fantastic party package is the ultimate hands on Teddy Bear making party!

The children will be greeted by their party host and introduced to the bear of their choice. They will then, with the help of the party host, hand stuff and fluff their teddy bear.

They will have plenty of opportunity to "cuddle test" their new best friend along the way to make sure it has just the right amount of stuffing. When the bear passes the squeeze test, the children will be invited to say a very special rhyme and sprinkle some "Magic Teddy Bear Dust" into the bear, to make a wish and add the "Wishing Charm" into the bear's chest before it is sealed up.

When all the bears are finished the children will have the chance to get creative and using fabric pens and paints to peronalise a T Shirt for their new best friend, plus fill in the very important birth certificate. If there is time, we will squeeze in a party game too!

After all that, the children will be hungry so it is time for a teddy bears picnic, we provide a yummy selection of party food, including a choice of sandwiches, crisps, vegetable crudites, sausage rolls, biscuts and cupcakes, plus plenty of soft drinks. Also included helium balloons for the table and  party tableware. There will also be time for birthday cake and happy birthday song at the end of the party.

All children get to take home their 16" bear, T Shirt for the bear, luxury gift bag & birth certificate.

The cost for the above package is £22.49 per head, maximum 12 children, minimum 8 children. Duration approx 1.45 hours

We can offer this party without food at £17.99 per head duration approx 1.30 hours, you can bring along some snacks of your own if you wish.

To add an outfit for the bear please add £6.49 per child.

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