Party in Style this Halloween

spooky supplies

It feels like last Halloween was only yesterday, yet here we are again – nearly time to dust off those cobwebs (or maybe leave them on!) all of your scary decorations and fancy dress costumes.

It’s great that many of our Halloween props can be re-used year after year, but when it comes to disposable partyware such as paper plates, napkins and cups, or cake accessories, temporary decorations and novelty fillers for trick or treat bags, you can rely on The Party Company to have some great spooky ranges in store.

Our themed tableware and accessories really add the finishing touch to a ‘monsters ball’ so check out the great designs we have in stock this Halloween.


This fun, bright and stylish range of halloween party supplies has all the classics – ghosts, bats, pumpkins and spiders.  The Boo! range includes Halloween tableware, treat boxes and bags, as well as cake cases, stands and decorations – everything you need for a spooktacular Halloween.

Boo party bags

 Frightful Friends

Frightful Friends’ is another fun and stylish range of Halloween party supplies that includes all your essentials such as tableware, decorations and cute cake wraps and food picks.


 Happy Halloween!

This super stylish halloween party range features stunning table centrepieces and accessories that will help you to create an impressive halloween party.  With a slightly more grown up feel, Happy Halloween! range is perfect for older kids and teenagers.

happy halloween

 Monster Madness

A great themed range that’s perfect for Halloween and especially if you have your own mini monsters at home!  This lovely Monster Madness range is fun friendly – not too scary – making it the perfect choice for Halloween parties with little ones.


Decorate your room and set the party table in style, serving up a feast fit for witches, wizards, ghouls and monsters this Halloween.  We will be posting a series of blogs about the spooky season, sharing lots of fun and creative ideas for food, costumes, decorations and trick or treating so keep an eye out for those over the next few weeks.


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Welcome to the World of Top Model

In case you haven’t come across it before, Top Model is a stunning range of beautifully illustrated products for the budding young designer, aged approximately 8 to 12.  These high quality fashion and beauty themed colouring books, pens and pencils, as well as a variety of other pieces including diaries, pencil cases and shoulder bags, make the most gorgeous gifts.  Girls love to collect them all, especially as new products come out, but also when favourite books are re-issued with brand new covers – fans of the range love to add these new designs to their collection.

Very popular with our customers is the Design Studio, which is a book brimming with amazing design details.  Inside is a colouring book with the outline of different girls for you to design clothes for, using the card “fabrics” to stencil and cut out your creations, or simply draw and colour in.  The book also includes wonderfully detailed stickers featuring accessories, shoes, bags, jewellery, scarves – everything a girl could want!  At £8.99 this high quality book makes an ideal birthday gift.

TM design studio

Another favourite we find is the Top Model Doggy Colouring Book, with pages packed full of adorably sweet, illustrated dogs just waiting for you to add fashionable doggy outfits and accessories.

TM doggy

The books are complemented by a range of fantastic colouring pencils and felt pens.  There is a great choice, from natural skin toned pencils in a variety of shades, to funky and fashionable neons and other contemporary colours.  Forget about limited colour palettes – the only limit is your imagination!  Also, perfect for Christmas presents, are the new 2015 Top Model calendar, with a model on each page for girls to colour and style to their hearts content and display on their walls.

While the Top Model range appeals to fashion-conscious aspiring designers and beauty enthusiasts, with an emphasis on clothing, accessories, make-up and nail art, there are also other themed books and accessories that come under the Top Model brand, which we also stock here at The Party Company.

Aimed at the same age group is the more fantasy-inspired range – featuring fairies, nymphs and even vampirish elements.  Ylvi and the Minimoomis is a newer range, again aimed at the 7 or 8 to 12 year olds, while horse lovers of any age will adore the horsey themed colouring books and pens.  There is also a pretty and feminine Style Princess range for younger girls (approx. age 3 up to 7).

    TM collage

We are big fans of Top Model here, as are our customers, so we thought it would be nice to organise a competition for one lucky winner and two runners up to experience the fun of Top Model.

We have set up a Rafflecopter widget for easy entry, simply follow any or all of the instructions below (but the more you do, the more chances you have to win).  The main prize is a fabulous Design Studio book and set of multi-coloured pencils, while two runners up will each win a small pocket book to enjoy.

TM design studio

TM pocket book

The giveaway ends in three weeks so make sure you enter and good luck!  In the meantime why not check out our entire ‘Creative Fun’ range of products on the website.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Best Ideas for a Frozen Birthday Party

frozen image

So, Frozen.   Are we over it yet?!  Well even if you are, your children probably aren’t.  It has captured their imagination quite like no one would have thought, probably not even Disney!  So with no signs of Frozen mania abating any time soon, even though we’re experiencing some of the highest temperatures at the moment, we think it’s never too hot for young fans of the movie and its musical soundtrack to enjoy a Frozen birthday party.

If you’ve had a look on Pinterest for Frozen party ideas, you may have felt quite overwhelmed by the number of results!  So to make it easier navigating your way through all the great ideas, we’ve put together a blog post of the best Frozen party ideas.

Decorate ice-palace style

You need to set the scene for this party, it’s not one you can really get away with a few balloons and bunting for, but it needn’t be overly difficult either.

It will require sparkle and lots of it!  Make some large glittery snowflakes to lead the path to the front door and have white paper chains or snowflake garlands hanging inside.  An icy door curtain would be great for the doorway so that when guests arrive they feel like they are entering your ‘ice palace’.  White fairy lights

strung up and around, or mini-lights on a net would be great as a backdrop, perhaps behind the party table.  With some glittery white card you could make tall cone trees to dot around the party room.  Or even think about digging out your Christmas tree, especially if you have a white or silver one.  It would look super frosty with some fake snow on in your entrance hall.  Our white and blue tissue pom poms can add to the overall snowy effect and we also have some gorgeous Frozen foil balloons.

 Table Centrepiece and partyware

A Frozen ice palace makes a perfect table centrepiece, whether your kids are lucky enough to own the double-sided toy palace, or how about baking a Frozen birthday cake and have that as the centrepiece?  I love this fabulous Frozen ice cream cake – not as difficult to make as you might imagine!

Or how about these from Here Come The Girls, where the skirts are the cake!

 Set the party table with a range of Frozen plates, cups, napkins and if you are giving party bags, make sure they too are Frozen-themed for young guests as they depart.

Food and drink

Oh the possibilities are endless for Frozen-themed party food!

Sven’s carrots

Wotsits as Olaf noses

Flavoured water as ‘melted snowman’

Twiglets and Marshmallows (Olaf arms and snowballs)

Frozen themed cupcakes

Cream cheese sandwiches on white bread – chilly

Blueberries – brrrr!

Popcorn – snowflakes

 Mini Milk ice lollies

Snowman pizza, anyone?


 Do you want to build a snowman?


Decorate a snowflake

Make a snowball pom pom

Snowball toss game (polystyrene glitter balls would work well)

Colour the princesses (tip:  print out some colouring sheets and you could give out prizes for different categories, like “most realistic,” “most original,” and so on)

 Frozen Treasure Hunt (tip:  arrange a set of clues that will lead your little ones to their much loved princesses and Olaf.  Better yet, have the treasure hunt lead them to their Frozen party bag – that way, everyone feels like a winner at the end of the game and the party)

And of course, Pin the carrot on the snowman:



Music & Dressing Up

I’m sure the girls will all want to come in their princess outfits, but you might like to have a few extra princess bits and pieces to enhance their make believe play and perhaps have some traditional snowman attire to hand, such as hats and scarves for the boys.  Of course the kids all know the words to the songs and could sing them in their sleep by now, so why not turn up the volume on the soundtrack and let them sing along karaoke-style to ‘Let it Go’ and act out their routines together.  Give a prize for the most dramatic performance!

I hope these ideas have helped a bit, there are more to be found on our Frozen Pinterest Board.  Have a fun!

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Teddy Bears Picnic Party

We’ve just introduced a lovely new range of party supplies, called the Teddy Bears Picnic Party.  It’s a great, traditional and favourite theme for little ones – especially a first or second birthday party, or a preschool party.


So if you think you’d like to arrange a Teddy Bears Picnic Party at home or in the park, maybe you could use some of our ideas for refreshments and games.

‘Beary’ nice food & drinks

Whether you are planning to be outdoors or in, our great grassy tablecover is just the ticket for a picnic party.


For little ones who have worked up an appetite, why not serve some cute teddy-shaped sandwiches, Pom-Bear crisps and woodland berries in dinky baskets.  I really love the cupcake holders you can see below, made into little berry baskets with some string tied around the sides!  How simple, yet effective.  And because bears love honey, perhaps some honey cakes or biscuits would be appropriate too, or those little bear paw print cupcakes , aren’t they sweet?

Bear collage

An old-school party like this deserves some traditional drinks, such as homemade lemonade or yummy chocolate milk.

Bear collage2

Teddy Bear Fun & Games

Set the bear theme from the off, with some fun bear paw prints to follow up your driveway or garden path!

paw prints

These prints are made with a stencil and some flour, but you could also chalk them out.

If you are having a teddy bear race, where participants have to try and run with a bear between their legs, why not mark out a little track in the grass with chalk or a talcum powder puffer?  You could organise a game of teddy bear hide and seek – hide either a single stuffed bear for the party-goers to try and hunt out, or hide  all around the picnic area a number of cardboard cut-out bears, stuck onto craft sticks, for the children to seek.

You could play pin the bow tie on the teddy by making a large picture or cardboard cut-out of a bear and at the picnic party blindfold each child, letting them compete to pin the bow tie in the correct place on the bear.  The winner who gets the closest could receive a teddy medal or treat.

A game of pass the parcel could be bear-themed with a teddy for the main prize and gummy bear sweets placed between the parcel’s layers.  Play teddy bear songs as the parcel gets passed around.

A teddy treasure hunt could be lots of fun for youngsters searching for little teddy treats, such as chocolates or lollipops.  Give them all a party bag to collect their loot in.  A few teddy bear colouring-in sheets would be good, too.  Another fun idea is to make a large teddy bear from cardboard, give him a cute face and cut a hole in the tummy area for a bean bag toss game.


And when it’s time to go home, wouldn’t it be nice to send the party goers on their way with a lovely gingerbread bear?


I hope playful little bears everywhere enjoy these ideas!

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Throw a World Cup Party this summer!


The World Cup 2014 starts on 12th June until 13th July, a great time for parties!  If you are planning some world cup watching get-togethers or have a birthday boy or girl who is football mad, our World Cup party supplies are ideal for footballing party fun.  The range of football and England themed partyware includes plates, cups, napkins, grassy tablecover, flags bunting and more!

Not only that, we’ve come up with some suggestions to ensure you put on the best world cup party, read on for some helpful advice and ideas.



 Will you be at home, and if so indoors / outdoors or both?  Maybe a tent or gazebo would be useful, for either shelter from the rain or hot sun (hopefully the latter!)  If you’re bringing a screen outside to watch matches on, think about potential glare from the sun and if everyone will be able to see the picture ok.


Send the Invitations

 If you are sending out invitations, you could use our themed football invites, or if you are feeling creative and have the time it would be fun to send out invitations that look like match tickets.


Watching or Playing?

This depends really on whether you are holding a kids or adults party.  Do you plan to organise some football games, or is it simply a get together for friends to watch the matches?  If playing some five-a-side, can you mark out an area on the grass like a pitch?  You can buy a can of spray marker from the DIY store for doing this.  Make sure you have a decent, pumped up ball, too!

If watching matches, obviously check the schedule in advance because you may find that some games will be shown at strange times of the day or night, in which case you could record them overnight for showing the next day.  Plan out seating so everyone can see the screen, with a mix of chairs and floor cushions.  Will you need a couple of TVs if a large crowd is coming?



We are selling England bunting, red and white balloons and pom poms, but of course how you decorate depends on your home country!  It would be great to have waving flags to get everyone in the mood and theme with the colours of your nation.


Self-serve buffet style is definitely the way to go and disposable partyware works best for an easy clean up afterwards.

Keep food simple and plentiful, perhaps mimic stadium food with hotdogs, pizzas, burgers, chips and fizzy drinks.

Or if you are a more adventurous crowd, you could try food that is customary of the host country, for a much more international theme, including whatever the local beer and non-alcoholic drinks are.

If the party is also a birthday celebration, then a football themed birthday cake would make a great centrepiece, especially on our grassy table cover!


If there will be a mix of adult and child guests, it would be wise to arrange a few kids activities, as they may lose interest in the match.  Keep them entertained with a few footballs and a net, table tennis with ping pong balls decorated to look like footballs, some colouring sheets and pens, maybe some board games too.

 Most of all enjoy the games and make an event of it!  It only happens once every four years after all.

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Kids Bento Ideas for Lunches and Parties


Have you heard of Bento?

If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat!  Bento is a single portion take-out or home packed meal common in Japan. A traditional bento meal holds rice, fish or meat with pickled or cooked vegetables; it is essentially a healthy and tasty meal in a partitioned box.  The great thing is that it can be portioned and made super cute for fussy youngsters!

Makiko Itoh who is the owner of two popular blogs about Japanese cooking: Just Hungry and Just Bento suggests that a typical bento lunch should contain at least one starch-rich item, one with protein and one or two vegetables, just like any meal. “The usual starch is rice, but this can be bread or pasta or any grain that can be enjoyed cold. To start with, you may want to stick to foods that your child likes already – make a list of things that your child likes right now, and if you make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, you may want to set aside a few meatballs for bento the next day. Cooking things that can be stocked in the freezer or refrigerator in advance is a good idea too.”





Of course, those are astonishingly beautiful and elaborate designs I found on Pinterest and obviously you’re not going to make packed lunches that look like that every day.  But they can be simple too and I’ve pinned a whole range of both more complex and easy ideas on our Bento Lunches Pinterest board – do have a look!

You can start simple with just a few items and a BPA-free plastic box and use cupcake liners or silicone ones to divide food.





To really embrace the bento spirit, purchase some food picks, cookie cutters and other cute items, so rather than trying to cut a sausage in some complicated fashion to try and make it look like a cartoon character, just use fun and colourful accessories instead.


Many Bento ideas would also be fabulous as party food and what a treat the table would look!  You could create an amazing centrepiece or just lots of little cute dishes – for this, our treat tubs would be perfect.

You can find loads more inspirational examples of Bento lunches on the popular and beautifully photographed blog, Capture By Lucy.  Wow, who says lunch has to be boring?  It just goes to show that even a plain old packed lunch can be transformed when you go the bento way!



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Fun Easter Activities

Usually by the time Easter comes we are more likely to have a bit of fine weather (fingers crossed) so it’s a good opportunity to get the kids outdoors and playing in the fresh air.



Classic outdoor games to play at Easter are the egg and spoon race, or the sack race where the particpants are bunnies hopping along in their sacks…


And not forgetting of course the all important Easter Egg Hunt…


You could add clues along the way to make it more fun, and we have a great Easter Egg Hunt Kit in the shop with everything you need:

A game of leap-frog can easily become bunny-hop and I always suggest having some colourful balloons on hand for general throwing and playing, especially during moments of boredom – they’re a good standby!

You could hard boil some eggs for a variety of games kids will love and you can even dye the shells quite easily in pretty colours…

Why not experiement with natural colourings, like these:


2 cups roughly chopped, raw beetroot (for pink/red)


2 cups blueberries, crushed (for blue/purple)


1 teaspoon ground turmeric (for yellow)

1 teaspoon distilled white vinegar

Hard-boiled eggs


Put your choice of colouring ingredient (beetroot, blueberries or turmeric) into a small pot with 2 cups water and bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain through a fine mesh sieve, discarding any solids, and then stir in vinegar. Set aside to let cool until warm or room temperature.

To colour eggs, submerge in dye, turning often for even coating, until desired colour is reached. For more colours, dye eggs first in one colour, then wipe dry and dye in a second colour.


Once they’re done, you can then play things like egg bowling where whoever gets their boiled egg closest to the chocolate egg wins – yum!

Kids will also love the egg smashing game, where they take it in turns to bash together their hard boiled eggs, the one whose shell survives the longest is the winner!

Plastic eggs are good for throwing at targets or blowing along with a straw in a race.

Or how about a game of pin the fluffy cotton ball tail on the bunny?  A nice game for younger children to enjoy.



If the weather isn’t great, or you’re after a gentler pursuit, some simple egg decorating works a treat to keep the children occupied.

Or how about making an Easter wreath or garland with some egg shapes cut out of card?

There are lots of cute chick and bunny crafts you could do, such as these:

If you are not very crafty, we have some lovely and inexpensive craft items in our shop, do take a look.

Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter,

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Fun Easter Food Ideas & Competitions!

Easter runs from Good Friday on 18th April ‘til Easter Monday on the 21st April this year.  It is a lovely time of year to spend as a family.  The children really look forward to it – mainly for the chocolate eggs, I guess!  But there are lots of fun activities you can do together and delicious food to make, bake and eat.

A favourite for children at this time of year are chocolate ‘nests’ with little edible eggs on top and they’re easy so the kids can join in.

Easter chocolate nests

To make these crazy, crackled eggs, simply hard boil the eggs, then roll them around to crack the shells, then re-boil them in water containing food colouring – so easy!

Marbled eggs

If you enjoy baking, this cute Easter funny bunny cake would definitely amuse the kids – what a clever way to create the shape!

 Bunny Cake

And with all these Easter bunnies hopping around, a carrot cake seems quite appropriate – and one the adult guests might enjoy.

Carrot cake

There’s such a lot of sweet stuff consumed at Easter, but it doesn’t all have to be sugary.  There are healthier Easter-themed options too, look at these great ideas:


bunny sandwich

 And it wouldn’t be the same without some traditional hot cross buns, of course.

hot cross buns

A traditional bake for Easter is Simnel cake – usually decorated with 11 marzipan balls to represent the apostles – minus Judas, for obvious reasons.  This is Jamie Oliver’s recipe, which you might like to try:

Jamie Oliver's Simnel Cake recipe

Serves 11

  • 175g (6oz) unsalted butter
  • 175g (6oz) soft light brown sugar
  • Finely grated zest of 1 lemon and 1 orange
  • 175g (6oz) plain flour
  • 2tsp baking powder
  • 25g (1oz) ground almonds
  • ½tsp each ground cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg
  • 3 large free-range eggs
  • 1tbsp semi-skimmed milk
  • 150g (5½oz) raisins
  • 100g (3½oz) currants or
  • 100g (3½oz) sour cherries or dried cranberries, chopped
  • 100g (3½oz) mixed peel
  • 2tbsp apricot jam
  • Icing sugar, for dusting
  • 220g (8oz) golden marzipan

Preheat the oven to 150°C/gas 2. Grease the base and sides of a 20cm (8in) loose-bottomed cake tin and double line with greaseproof paper. Cream the butter and sugar until pale, then beat in the zest. In another bowl, mix the flour, baking powder, almonds, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and a pinch of salt.

Beat 1 egg into the butter mixture with 1tbsp of the dry mix. Repeat with the remaining eggs, and finish by folding in all the dry mix. Stir in the milk and dried fruits and peel. Do not overbeat. Pour the batter into the tin and bake for 1¾ hours or until golden and a skewer comes out clean. Leave to cool for 10 minutes in the tin, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

Gently heat the jam until liquid. Dust a work surface with icing sugar, roll out the marzipan to 1cm (½in) thick and trim so it’s a little bigger than the tin. Use the trimmings to form 11 balls. Brush the top of the cake with jam and put the marzipan round on it. Crimp the edges with your fingers and dot the balls round the cake, securing with jam. Serve as it is, or caramelise the marzipan edges with a blowtorch or under a hot grill.

And of course when it comes to Easter food, presentation is very important, so even simple Easter biscuits can look the part with our cookie cutters:

 Easter cookie cutters

If you are planning to bake cupcakes and give them as gifts, we have the most adorable ‘Hop to it’ cake box in the shop

Easter cupcake box


Set a pretty table with a vase of flowers and our fresh looking tablecover:

Easter tablecover

Hang some garlands:

Easter garlands

And serve up food on our lovely themed plates and bowls, adding nice little extra touches, such as traditional stripey straws

 Yellow striped straws

So you see, even simple food such as sandwiches and crisps look the part when served on our sweet Easter tableware.


Now for Competition Time!!!

To get you in the Easter mood even more, we are running not one, but two great competitions, starting today!

Enter via the rafflecopter widget below to win a ‘Hop to It’ eggbox treat kit and Easter Chick Bunting

Cupcake egg boxEaster Bunting


a Rafflecopter giveaway

And then head over to Pinterest and start following us.  Create an Easter/spring board, adding as many images that mean Easter and springtime to you and your family and at least 3 favourite items from our Easter supplies.  You could win yourself a complete Easter bundle including a Happy Easter garland, Egg Hunt Kit and a set of Easter chick plates, cups, napkins and Easter chick straws!!!

Win an Easter bundle

Competition closes 14th April 2014 at noon and the winner will be selected and informed the following day.  Remember to add #thepartycompanycomp so we can find your board.

Both competitions are open to UK entrants only.


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Celebrate Mother’s Day in Style

Mother’s Day is special and a great way for the whole family to get together and thank that wonderful person who is invariably there for everyone – mum!

 If you are fortunate to have a great mum and plan on hosting a family get together for her, we have some really lovely partyware that would be the perfect accompaniement.  With classic roses and delicate hues, our Vintage Rose range has a very feminine feel and adds some vintage style and sparkle, not to mention convenience, too.


If the weather stays as nice as it has been of late, then it may be possible to venture outside for a little garden party, wouldn’t that be nice?  In which case, our Afternoon Tea party range would be an excellent choice too

 And why not hang up some bunting and make your mum feel like a queen for the day?

All you really need foodwise are some nice dainty sandwiches and salad, maybe a bottle of bubbly or Prosecco and of course a delicious dessert, such as a fruit trifle…

Garden Tea Mother’s Day Ideas from Catch My Party

 … and some gorgeous cupcakes would go down a treat, too, especially if there are going to be little ones present.  I think they always look extra special when displayed on a cake stand.

We have some really cute chalkboard labels, little heart clips and glass decorations for those extra special touches, too.


If you are a mum yourself with youngsters, perhaps dad could be encouraged to help them plan a little breakfast-in-bed treat for you, they might plan on making some homemade cards and little crafty gifts too.  Perhaps you can even book yourself in a bit of pampering time to enjoy a lovely soak in the bath and do your nails.  A rare treat for many of us!

Home Made Bath Salts from Design Sponge

Another idea is to go for a family picnic to the park or the beach and spend a few relaxing hours – it is a Sunday after all and you deserve a treat!  For more Mothers Day inspiration do check out our Pinterest board.

Whatever you do on Mother’s Day, I hope the sun shines and that you enjoy yourselves – and as a special extra treat, we are running a little giveaway of a bundle of gorgeous gifts any mum would enjoy.  One lucky winner will receive a beautifully presented ‘Little Garden’ cupcake kit containing 24 cupcake cases 24 assorted flower toppers.  Also in the bundle is the, ‘Practically perfect in every way’ apron which is patterned with summer florals.  Finally a pair of wooden handled spatulas, with an individual pattern and Mother’s Day message.


A gorgeous prize I’m sure you will agree!  So to be in with a chance of winning, simply enter via the rafflecopter widget below, using any or all of the options (if you do all three, the more chances you have of winning of course) and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Pancake Day Ideas


Tuesday 4th March is Pancake Day this year, which I know makes lots of children (and adults) very happy.  Also known as Shrove Tuesday in the UK and celebrated as Carnival and Mardi Gras elsewhere in the world, traditionally it was a day of fun and feasting before the period of fasting required during 40 days of Lent.  It was a way of using up all the extra butter, milk and sugar before abstinence from rich foods.

So do you intend to do some pancake eating and crafting with the kids?  Perhaps perfecting your pancake flip?  Or maybe you would like to try a twist on your usual recipe, with scrummy alternative toppings instead of the usual sugar and lemon?

Well, luckily we have been busy pinning lots of great pancake ideas and recipes, so you can ‘flip’ over to our Pancake Day pinterest board (don’t go there if you are hungry though!).  Alternatively, have a browse through the following suggestions to get your taste buds tingling:


Sweet Pancakes 

Nutella and banana is a favourite combo for many kids and at least they will still be getting one of their five a day.


But what about making chocolate pancakes by adding some cocoa powder to your flour, then pouring chocolate sauce over them when cooked.


Too much?   Then maybe you would prefer to toss in a handful of blueberries while cooking your pancakes – lovely with a drizzle of lemon juice and dusted with icing sugar.



 Savoury Pancakes 

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, then savoury pancakes can be really delicious.  How about pouring the batter over some bacon, for really tasty bites?


Or why not make some cheesey mashed potato pancakes, great for using up leftovers.


Cheese, ham and mushrooms make another great savoury filling.


French Style vs American Style? 


Enjoy your own delicious French crepes using a simple recipe or even cheat and buy the supermarket ones.   But if you prefer a thicker, fluffier pancake, then American style is the way to go.  You can use a packet mix for convenience, or make your own batch of batter – we have pinned some easy recipes for both styles to our Pancake Day board.

Pancake Muffins 

For something a bit different, that would also be great for school lunchboxes, pancake muffins are very straightforward to make and even easier to eat.  Recipes for these again can be found on Pinterest.



Good Idea! 


For ease and convenience, prepare your pancake batter ahead of time and use an old cleaned out ketchup bottle to dispense it neatly into the pan – no mess!  I like that.


Pancake Day Fun 

Assuming your bellies aren’t too full on Tuesday evening, you may feel like doing a little crafting or playing some fun pancake games with the family.  Or even have a pancake race?!  Again, more ideas can be found here.


Happy flipping on the 4th,







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