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About the Party company

Floating around the North West of England is luxury balloon company The Party Company. This is no ordinary balloon company! Established in 2016 we set a balloon mission - to create amazing, bespoke balloons with handcrafted made-to-order balloon strings, tissue confetti and custom-made party accessories in an eco-friendly kind of way.


Creating things makes us happy!  We want our clients to be dazzled by what we do that is why every order is unique and made to our clients exact specification. We like to party but we also love our planet so we work really hard to make sure as many of our products can be recycled or are biodegradable.


Our packaging is plastic free and can be fully recycled - which is great news! Our boxes are sourced from a local supplier and are made from partially recycled board and can be fully recycled by our customers. All our tapes and labels are made from paper and can be recycled too and our tissue paper is biodegradable.


The latex balloons we use are all sourced from sustainable rubber tree plantations which are certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Our balloon weights are made from recycled plastic and can be recycled and the ribbons we use are satin, so will biodegrade. From March 2019 all our confetti will be biodegradable too. So that just leaves the bubble balloons, which unfortunately do not break down so we inform our customers to dispose of them responsibly.


In addition to balloons we can also provide eco friendly party decorations such as paper pom poms and honeycombs. In 2019 we will be launching a comprehensive range of eco friendly party supplies and decorations.


So when you choose the Party Company to dress your event you can be confident that not only will you it look amazing but that we are working hard to ensure that the event is as eco friendly as possible, with minimal waste and environmental impact.


We specialise in weddings, corporate events, product launches and PR and marketing projects.


Our bespoke balloons add a very special touch to birthday and wedding parties, corporate events and every kind of celebration. We have produced balloons for all sorts of occasions, big and small, from high profile celebrity events to an afternoon tea party for two!


And with our made-to-order Balloon in a Box you can send a personalised balloon to someone special for any occasion


Contact us today to see how we can help you.