15 tips for a guaranteed successful, stress free Sleepover Party!

My 15 tips for a guaranteed successful, stress free Sleepover Party!

  1. Keep numbers to a reasonable level – I would recommend no more than 8
  2. Try to make sure the girls are firm friends and have all done this type of thing before
  3. Try to remove any younger siblings from the house for the night! My youngest daughter slept over at a friends house which made things a lot easier as I didn’t have to worry about what she was up to, plus we had an extra room upstairs which the girls could use.
  4. Ask your guests to bring bedding, a game to play and a favourite snack for the midnight feast, this is really helpful as it drastically reduces the amount of things you have to buy and prepare.
  5. Make sure the girls have agreed on who is sleeping where and with whom in advance, that way you will avoid any squabbles on the night.
  6. Plan some simple fun activities for them to do to give a little structure to the evening, however be flexible, not everything will go to plan.
  7. This is not essential but if you can stretch to it, creating a “high point” of the evening, maybe a much anticipated movie, a meal out or an entertainer of some sort would work well. We went for the limo ride, it was expensive for an hour, but I can honestly say it was worth it and definitely gave the wow factor to our party.
  8. Have lots of disposable party tableware at hand, we used paper plates, cups and napkins for both the pizzas at night and breakfast in the morning. This made things so much easier to clear up.
  9. Inexpensive decorations like the foil curtains and a small disco light, really gave the party room the “wow” factor and the girls just loved it.
  10. Don’t start the party until slightly later, that way they don’t have hours to occupy before they bed down for the actual “sleepover” part.
  11. Don’t leave it until last minute to blow up airbeds, or if you do make sure they are tried and tested ones.
  12. Be prepared for the fact that they probably will not sleep at all! And try to make sure you are sleeping as far away from them as possible.
  13. Make sure you have some simple, yummy treats for breakfast, we chose chocolate croissants and waffles, simple to heat in oven and served on paper plates, very easy.
  14. Make sure you have the phone numbers for all their parents just in case.
  15. Finally try to relax and enjoy it, accept that they will mostly do what they want and probably will not sleep very much. My only two rules were to make sure everybody was unhurt and happy, as long as that was the case I didn’t much mind what they got up to!
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