Create a Magical Woodland or Garden Fairy Party

This time of year is perfect to hold a Woodland or Garden Fairy Party, because you can do it outdoors – in your own back garden or at the park, or if you are lucky enough to have one close by, in a natural, wooded area.

Fairy Party Table

Young children have such an imagination and it is easy for them to get caught up in the magic you create at your party.  Make the most of this time of innocence and give them a truly enchanted time. At The Party Company, we’ve got the perfect fairy party supplies to complement a woodland or garden fairy theme.

Beginning with the invitations, ask your fairies to come in their favourite fairy costume.  Or if you are a clever crafter, you may like to make some fairy wings and tulle skirts for the fairy guests to put on when they arrive.  Alternatively, you could just give out some magic wands, with trailing ribbons and a name tag of the guest and pretty hair garlands on arrival – or make a game of it and hide them around the party area for the little fairies to discover their own fairy accessories.

Sprinkle a trail of ‘fairy dust’ glitter along the path to the party area for them to follow and put up a ‘Fairies welcome’ sign.

Fairies sign welcome

Decoration is key with a Woodland Fairy Party – gauzy bunting and pearlised balloons strung up in pretty colours or tissue pom poms and fairy lanterns hung from the trees look great, as do our bunting and hanging fairy decorations


Why not stick tiny doorways and windows on the base of trees for imaginary fairy and pixie houses.

Hang this tiny Elf Door and Windows on a tree. this is so cute, and I always wanted them to be real so..

It would also be lovely to place red and white toadstools around the party area – you can use pieces of wood or plant pots with an upturned, decorated basket or paper mache bowl on top – and these decorations can even double up as a hoop toss game!


Other games to play at a Woodland Fairy party include musical toadstools – instead of chairs, dancing around a fairy may pole – tie long ribbons from a stake driven into the ground and watch the fairies dance and twirl.  Or play pass the fairy parcel inside a ‘fairy ring’ – lay one out on the grass with a daisy or paper chain.  Craft activities are nice to do at a Woodland Fairy party.  Fairies could decorate their own little fairy houses or cupcakes –  with edible glitter and silvery sprinkles – to take home with them.  A table with fairy printables to colour in with glitter pens is another activity.

Woodland party activity - decorate fairy house

A woodland treasure hunt where guests are given moss lined baskets to go and collect fabric butterflies and little gauze bags of chocolate eggs or silk flowers that you have dotted around the fairy play area would be fun.  Or what about pinning the wings on the fairy?

Some of the prettiest Woodland Fairy party tables we have seen have featured seating with red and white toadstool seat pads or cushions.  If you don’t know your way around a sewing machine, perhaps you could source some round red cushions and simply fabric glue on some white felt circles?  This red and white toadstool effect looks great on cupcakes, too, made with fondant icing and of course, you will need some fairy cakes at the party table!

cute for her fairy bday

You could sprinkle the table with our fairy scatter confetti and place pretty fabric butterflies in between the plates.  As for a centrepiece, a giant toadstool or fairy house made from cardboard and decorated with fairies would be perfect – or a cake stand like our pink party cake stand with delicious cupcakes fit for a fairy would make a gorgeous centrepiece.

Dainty triangle sandwiches, woodland fruit bowls, filled with berries and plates of twiglets or pretzels for woodland twigs would all suit the theme.  Serve strawberry cordial as magical fairy ‘potion’ juice to drink!

Fruit cups at a Woodland Party #woodland #partyfood


For whimsical party bags at the end of the party, you could give gifts of our fairy dust necklace for the girls to take home with their wands and continue to do magic when they get home.  A fairy cake, of course and a fairy storybook or colouring book and glitter pens would also be ideal.




We’ve got a variety of pink party supplies that would mix and match in beautifully with the fairy range, so do take a look.  We’re sure you can think of lots more magical ideas for a Woodland or Garden Fairy Party and we’d love you to share them with us!


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