Halloween fancy dress and trick or treat ideas

It’s not long now until 31st October and over the past few weeks we’ve been gearing up to a great ‘Fright Night’, firstly looking at How to throw a perfect Halloween party, Creating a Fang-tastic Feast for Halloween, The Best Games and Craft Ideas for a Halloween party and now this week I’m sharing ideas for fancy dress costumes and some trick or treat fun.

This year at The Party Company, I have sourced some really characterful boys and girls costumes.  They are really nice quality, in sizes suitable for age 3 all the way up to age 8, and can be used again and again.

For the girls we have:

And for the boys:

I can remember from my own childhood how much fun my friends and I had dressing up, especially at  Halloween, and now it’s lovely to see my own girls enjoying the same.

As well as the costumes, I’m also supplying some face painting kits, as it’s a great opportunity to get creative and have some fun.  I realise that not all children enjoy wearing a Halloween mask, so this is a great alternative.  They come with instructions and there are various halloween looks you can easily achieve.

If you are a creative sort, you might like to have a go at making your own costumes and if you can sew, then wouldn’t a fabulous monster costume made out of fake fur be great fun?  But even if you don’t sew, there are some easy yet still effective no-sew ideas – how about creating an Egyptian mummy, using bandages to wrap arms, legs and head?  Older boys and girls might be ok about having bandages blood stained with red ink!  With a basic under-layer of black leggings and long sleeved t-shirt, you can add embellishments such as painted on white bones, a vampire cape bat or cats eye masks made from felt and a cat’s tail pinned on (stuff a black stocking or long sock with some wadding).  With props, such as wands or lanterns, you’ve got a great, inexpensive outfit. 

Make sure you check out our Halloween pinterest board where I’ve been busy pinning many more haunted fancy dress costume ideas, such as this easy to recreate monster suit, basically it’s a decorated jogging suit, from Merry Messy Life.

Anyone for Trick or Treat?

It can be such fun to organise a Trick or Treat trail of the neighbourhood with a group of friends.  Essentials are pumpkin bags or cauldron type baskets to collect the ‘booty’, torches and light sticks.

If you know there are likely to be witches and vampires calling while you are out, you could leave a dish of sweets on the step – hopefully no one will take the lot!  I would write a spooky looking note telling callers not to be greedy… or they will have a spell put on them!

Perhaps you are not venturing outside to do trick or treating this year, but partying at home instead, so expect lots of knocks at the door and be prepared to dish out plenty of treats (squishy worm jellies or eye shaped sweets are ideal) so that no little monsters decide to play a trick on you.

Have we covered everything?  I think so!  Wishing you a very happy scary season from The Party Company.



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