Halloween Party Planning

Last Halloween we shared our guide to throwing a perfect Halloween party, so we’re re-visiting it with a few extra ideas and suggestions thrown in so you can host the best ever Halloween party!


Number of Guests

Firstly, think about how many children you can comfortably accommodate – if you are keeping it small you could do it at home, but if there are lots of guests you may want to hire a venue.  Give yourself plenty of time to ring around and book before someone else does – this is a busy season and I’ve found that this process can often take a lot longer than you expect it to.


What’s the theme

Obviously, it’s Halloween –  but does that mean you want a general witches, wizards and vampires party, or will it be a ‘monster mash’, a Harry Potter themed ball or perhaps a Scooby Doo mystery night?  Sometimes it’s fun to do something a bit different.

Send out the Invitations

But whatever you decide, you’ll need to send the invitations out soon, as it’s a time when families can get booked up and so you want to give the guests as much notice as possible. Make sure you send invitations that give start and finish times, directions and explain the theme, e.g. invite guests to wear fancy dress, perhaps there could be a prize for the best costume.

skull invite

Happy Halloween Invites £7.99, boxed set of 8

Get Decorating

Spooky wreath

Halloween is a great party theme to let your imagination run wild!  I like to decorate the outside of the house or venue as well as the inside, to increase the atmosphere on arrival.  Did you keep some decorations from Halloween last year that you can re-use to save buying all brand new?  If you’re crafty you could create some of your own decorations, such as witch silhouettes to stick on the wall, or entrance door – or a spooky wreath.  Some carved pumpkin lanterns outside or candles in painted glass jars look great when it’s dusk.

Spend a little time the night before decorating with Halloween garlands, black balloons, skeleton bones and fake cobwebs to create an authentic spooky atmosphere.

Mummy door

A Fantastic Feast

Halloween scene

Lay the party table with black or orange tablecovers and add a dramatic centrepiece and some wicked looking Halloween props and accessories amongst the party food.

A cold buffet with lots of finger food is the simplest, but you may like to do a few hot dishes as well so we will look at party food itself in more detail separately – look out for that one as there are some great scary and cute looking dishes we’re going to show you!  And don’t forget we’ve lots of great Halloween themed tableware in the shop to add a decorative element as well as convenience.

 Unless it is a birthday party at Halloween, you don’t have to have a large cake – maybe some cupcakes with a spooky topper will be a good alternative, or something like these with crushed oreos and devilish smarties eyes!

spooky cakes

 Mood Music

Get the kids to record some spooky sounds or put together a compilation of great songs for dancing and ‘haunting’ to – Monster Mash, Thriller, Ghostbusters, Time Warp are a few you should definitely play.  If you’re not having the party at home, remember to take the music along and something to play it on!


Games and Activities

Have some craft activities, such as spooky colouring in sheets, and games prepared ahead of time – wrapping  party goers in toilet paper to mummify them against the clock in two teams always provides a giggle or pass around a number of mystery items in a box the guests have to identify by touch – the squishier  or hairier the better!  These are just a few suggestions, but again we’ll share plenty more game ideas over the next couple of blogs.


After the witching hour

When the party is over, a party bag is a lovely treat to take home and you can keep the costs down with some sweets, Halloween balloons, a light stick toy and cupcake.

Now, to make your party preparations run even easier, we’ve put together a Halloween Party Planner for you to print off and use and we also have a Halloween Board on Pinterest jam-packed full of great ideas and inspiration.





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