Hold a kids Valentines Tea Party

St Valentine’s Day (14th February) falls within the school half term holiday for lots of children in the UK; my girls will be off, so I’m going to hold a little tea party at home for them.

If you are planning to invite friends over or just celebrate with your own children, a tea party is always a hit with young girls and boys.  It’s an opportunity to do some crafting, or maybe bake and decorate some delicious cupcakes together and enjoy.  So I’ve brought together a few ideas for some things you could do.


Some Valentine Crafts Ideas

Make a love tree

Love tree


A small tree branch can be plunged into a container of soil or pebbles, to make a ‘love tree’ for children to decorate with hanging hearts you can cut ahead of time out of red or pink card.  Just punch a hole in the top and tie some wool or ribbon through so they can hang from the branch.  They can decorate the hearts with scrunched up and glued tissue paper, glitter, markers etc and even write on little messages of love.  For extra prettiness, spray paint the branch ahead of time and wrap the container, which could be  a simple tin can, in pretty hearts paper or fabric.


Make a heart wreath

paper heart wreath 

Cut a hole out of the centre of a paper plate.  Cut out some heart shapes in red and pink craft paper and let the children glue them around the wreath base.  Pop a ribbon at the top and you have a beautiful handcrafted heart wreath.


Decorate with butterfly hearts

Make butterfly hearts


Cut out large hearts from pink or red paper and let the children decorate them how they choose.  Fold the hearts in half, glue a pipe cleaner or lollipop stick along the fold, adding two smaller pieces of pipe cleaner to make antennae.  You can decorate the walls with them using blu tak or washi tape, as though they are flying.


Make heart crowns

Paper heart crown



Make simple cardboard crowns and decorate with stickers, jewels, heart shapes, glitter etc.  Crown the children the King or Queen of Hearts; they could go on a ‘Heart Hunt’  – just lay a trail of paper hearts for them to follow until they find a stash of heart shaped sweets or chocolates.
The tea party

Little ones could bring their most loved teddies to the tea party.  Set the perfect tea table with red and pink accents, such as cutlery, tablecovers, napkins and paper cups.  These are some of the lovely Valentine Partywares currently in the shop:

Valentine banner white background

Sandwiches cut into heart shapes would go down well (use a cookie cutter for this).  Strawberry juice would make a perfect ‘love potion’ drink.  Red jelly and chocolate dipped strawberries are other foods you could try, or what about pink macaroons or cupcakes as a sweet and tasty treat, and a really simple one would be heart-shaped watermelon pieces.

pink food

Red velvet cake recipes would go down extremely well as a Valentine’s day treat, I spotted this recipe from ‘The Recipe Critic’ for red velvet sugar cookie bars – don’t they look amazing and yet the recipe seems quite easy to follow.  You can read it here.

red velvet


And finally, for a beautiful example of how to do a Vintage Valentine Party, take a look at the craftiness is not optional blog:


vintage valentine


Just beautiful, I think you’ll agree.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, however you decide to celebrate it!

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