Making and Baking with the Kids this Christmas

Many children will finish school next Friday 20th December, so with unpredictable weather outside and a bit of spare time (hopefully!) it is a nice opportunity for families to stay in and do some crafting or baking together –  something that may not happen normally, or as often as we would like.

Christmas lends itself to baking tasty, simple treats – mince pies for example are so easy for kids to help make.  You can even buy the pastry and mincemeat readymade, it’s all about the process of rolling out and cutting, spooning in the filling and then enjoying the gorgeous smell of baking.  Stick a few picks from our Christmas ranges in the top and don’t they look impressive?  There will be proud faces all round. 

 Cake picks

Crafts such as making simple candle holders and centrepieces for the Christmas table, paper snowflakes and cotton wool snowmen are our usual makes, but this season we’ve been checking out what others are creating for Christmas, and it certainly seems that there is an army of clever crafters and bakers out there, able to give us lots of good ideas and inspiration.



kids xmas crafts

We love the crafts we’ve seen using cute vintage straws, just like the ones we have in our shop.  

Just look at this fab Christmas wreath you could make, simply by sticking them to a wreath base.

 Paper chains are always a great, fun and simple craft and we even have a festive paper chain making kit in our decorations department to make it even easier.

 Christmas paper decorations



It’s nice to have some home baked goodies on hand for when people visit with their cards and presents.  Why don’t you get the Christmas songs playing and treat yourself to a glass of mulled wine, while the kids are busy baking and decorating Gingerbread people?  That spiced aroma is delicious and will make your home smell wonderfully Christmassy and inviting.  There are lots of other ideas you could try too:


 How cute are they?  But if you worry about the kids eating way too many sweet things over Christmas, there are healthier savoury alternatives to make…



I hope this has given you plenty to think about.  Are there things that you always bake and make with your family at this time of year?  Do you give homemade gifts as presents to teachers and family?  If so, we’d love to hear your ideas!  Why not send us a photo too so that we can feature it.

Well, this is our last blog of 2013, but we will be back in the New Year with lots of party ideas and fun ways to celebrate special occasions.  Everyone here at The Party Company hopes you have a very Merry Christmas!  

Best wishes for the New Year,



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