The Best Games and Craft Ideas for a Halloween Party

halloween bannerOK, so you’ve sorted the date and the venue and sent out the invitations (I hope!) for your Halloween party and planned the food and shopping you need to get.  But have you thought about what your guests are going to do for two hours?

It depends on the ages, but generally a good selection of party games is a must for a successful Halloween party.  Make sure you have sweets and treats as prizes on hand.

I like the good old favourites, like apple bobbing, or for a variation on that theme, why not hang toffee apples on a string, or even donuts – it’s really not easy to eat them that way, let me tell you!  But the kids have lots of fun trying. 


At last year’s Halloween party we played the ‘Egyptian Mummy’ game, where you divide the kids into two teams and they race against the clock to wrap a roll of toilet tissue around one of their team members.  It always provokes fits of giggles.  Another good idea is to have a mystery box – fill a cardboard box with weird and wonderful things that the children have to identify by feel only, through a flap in the lid – so think about things that have great texture.  Cotton wool could feel like spiders webs, glass marbles could be witches eyes, a ball of playdoh could be monster goo etc.

The bowling game idea has been  repinned many times on Pinterest, so I think lots of you may be trying that this year, either with a ball or even a real pumpkins with holes carved in like a bowling ball.

For younger children, you could have a costume parade and those with the best outfit or spooky moves win a prize or trophy; these Halloween Prize Trophies are available in the shop.

Older kids would probably enjoy gathering in a circle and sharing ghost stories by candlelight.   Someone could start the story off, then the next person continues the story and so on.  You could give them a fright by playing spooky sounds or knocking at the window as the story reaches its haunted conclusion!

I think it’s always nice to have a table or area for craft-making, as sometimes the children like to have a little quiet time making.  Decorating paper plates as pumpkins or decorating toilet roll tubes to make witches and ghosts are things they could do.  There are lots of free printables on the web, such as colouring sheets and puzzles, so you could find some with a spooky theme and put those out with some coloured pencils and pens.


You could play pin the tail on the black cat or the bow tie on the skeleton, do some broomstick limbo or throw creepy crawly toys into the buckets – see how many they can get in and add up the points, the one with the highest score wins.

halloween games

Or why not organise a ring toss game onto witches hats made from cardboard.

If you want even more party games, why not have a look on our Halloween Party Pinterest board?  It is stacked high with great ideas and I’m sure you’ll find lots of Halloween party inspiration.  There is also a good list of Halloween party games on Netmums.

In the next Halloween blog of the series, we’ll be looking at fancy dress ideas and trick or treating, so have fun planning your Halloween party in the meantime!


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