Top 6 Quick & Easy Fun Family April Fool’s Pranks

Children love April Fools practical jokes so we’ve pulled together our six favourite pranks that are fun and harmless for families to enjoy tomorrow on the 1st April.


1.   April Fool’s Day breakfast – cereal with milk is frozen the night before with a little added in the morning.

april fools1

2.   Mid-morning snack surprise – if your youngsters take an apple to school for break time, they will have a surprise when they take it out of their bag and find a gummy worm poking out!

april fools2

3.    Soap that won’t lather – kids will love to trick their dads with this one.  Just paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and giggle outside the door!
april fools3

4.   Early morning startle – this is a simple one for kids to scare their parents when they pay a trip to the toilet on waking, he he!

april fools4

5.    Pretend milk spill on the lap top – this one looks very convincing, all you do is splatter white craft glue on to a thin piece of Perspex and sit it on top of the keyboard, it looks just like milk spillage!

april fools5
6.    Freaky fruit bowl – make breakfast time more interesting on April 1st with a bowl of fruit on the breakfast table that is watching you!
april fools6

You can find lots more April Fool’s pranks on our Pinterest board – have fun, but remember to carry them out before midday, or the joke is on you!



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